Honestly…do you really want to know about us. It’s not all that exciting… As long as our food tastes good, our service is friendly and our restaurant is clean… what more do you want?

OK, well-If you must know…

The Westside Cafe was started by 3 Vail locals in 2002, Mike, Ryan and Steve. They all met while working at Sweet Basil in Vail village.

They were tired of steering someone else’s ship, so they decided to build their own.

Hence, the birth of this fine Vail restaurant, The Westside Cafe. It has gone through numerous changes since 2002, always striving to get better and better.

The Westside Cafe serves Vail’s best breakfast, lunch and dinner and has the awards and accolades to show for it.
Additionally, we do a ton of catering at all times of the day, at all locations! If interested in catering, please call: 970-476-7890.

If you have any thoughts of improvement or otherwise, please, don’t hesitate to speak up. Most conveniently, our e-mail is and is checked daily. If you wish to complain to a manager or owner, please write your complaint on a $100 bill and turn it in at the restaurant. 🙂

Ryan, Mike & Steve are entrepreneurs at heart and have built and sold 2 other restaurants in Vail. We are always looking for opportunities. If you’d like to discuss an opportunity please email them at

Hope to see you soon!

Try our award winning Bloody Marys!

Our Bloody Marys have been a menu staple since day one. We are known as the best Bloody Mary in Vail as voted by Vail local’s, year after year. Numerous magazine, newspapers and websites have featured our Bloodies…Honestly, it’s starting to make us blush a little bit. But don’t take our word for it. Come on in and try one yourself! We have a few from which to choose:

1. Classic Westside Bloody Mary:

House infused vodka (jalapenos, red peppers, green peppers, onion, garlic), combined with our house made Bloody Mary mix, served with a side car of Ft. Collins brewed Fat Tire beer and garnished with a veggie skewer. An instant classic!

2. Bakon Bloody Mary:

Bacon infused vodka combined with our house made Bloody Mary mix, served with a side car of Fat Tire beer and garnished with a piece of delicious candied bacon and veggie skewer!

3. Spicy Bloody Mary:

Habanero and jalapeno infused vodka combined with our house made Bloody Mary mix, served with a side car of Fat Tire beer and a fresh veggie skewer.

Try them for yourself and see which one you like best!



We offer a full bar with some of Vail’s most unique cocktails, cold beer and satisfying wine.

Here are a few highlights:

We’ve partnered up with Vail’s local distillery to offer Westside’s Barrel Aged Whiskey Manhattan made with locally distilled 10th Mountain Bourbon, Aperol and Sweet Vermouth.

Just five minutes away is Vail Brewing Company. We feature a seasonal beer on tap from this brewery that never disappoints!

We offer a number of creatively crafted cocktails, a carefully selected beer list and a fine selection of boutique wines that will compliment any meal, breakfast included!




Open Daily 7am – 3pm
Evenings – Monday-Saturday from 3pm – 9pm